Kamagaya International Contemporary Music Festival 2011


主催 : 作曲家集団 音組 / edition sound set / 鎌ヶ谷国際現代音楽祭実行委員会
後援 : ブラジル大使館 / 株式会社ザックコーポレーション / GODSIZE
協力 : 静岡新聞 / FM Haro! / tempo'ra

The new edition of the* Kamagaya International Contemporary Music Festival*will be taking place in Kamagaya, Japan in the winter months of 2011. The aim of the festival is to showcase the works of promising young composers as well as more established figures in the field of contemporary music by presenting their music to Japanese audiences. Additionally, a call for scores has been issued to composers from around the world for a new work for Bb Clarinet (and/or Bass Clarinet). The selected work(s) will be performed and recorded at the 2011 *Kamagaya International Contemporary Music Festival*. This competition is intended to stimulate creative activity by young composers and to discover promising talent in the field of music composition. Additional information on this call for scores can be seen at:

Composition Competition Rule

[Concert Programme]

City Welfare Center Kamagaya Main conference room
December 2011

Roberto Toscano (b.1982 - Brazil)
Triptych for solo violin (2010) *comission by the sound set

Carlo Forlivesi (b.1971 - Italy / Japan)
PASSACAGLIA for piano (2000, rev. 2006)

Raffaele Grimaldi (b.1980 - Italy / France )
Studio n.I for solo prepared piano (2008) Japan premier

Ken Namba (b.1983 - Japan)
Camber work World premier

Hikari KIyama (b.1983 - Japan / Netherlands / Belgium)
SACHICOunterpoint for bass clarinet and any key instruments (2008) Chiba premier

Tomohito Fujita (b.1976 - Japan)
Vocal work (2011) World premier

Kamagaya International Contemporary Music Festival 2011
Composition Prize winning score World premier

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Performer :
Masumi Sunaga (Clarinet)
Ayano Hoshino (Piano)
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